4 Effective Tips To Secure & Protect Windows

4-Effective-Tips-To-Secure-Protect-WindowsTo protect a home or apartment against thefts and unwanted access, locks play an ever important role. They are h3 and durable metal equipments that are installed to enhance security and safety of a property. Almost all homeowners focus on securing their door openings and ignores to pay attention to the windows. This is what results in burglaries. Based on a survey statistics, 1 out of every 5 major theft is carried through a window entry. Therefore, its crucial to protect your family and valuable by installing window locks and frames.

Few tips for securing the window installations are:

1. Sash frame locks

Sash windows consist of multiple frames that divide it into squares. These frames ensure that no one can jump inside, since they are small enough to allow a human entry. As thieves are aware of all the security hacks, they remain equipped with tools that can help them uninstall any window frame. To ensure the safety of your family and belongings, protect the sash frame windows using pin locks and steel deadbolts.

2. Sliding glass locks

Sliding glass windows are comparatively less secure than the sash frame ones. To prevent an unwanted access, a pin is inserted in the slide tracks that doesn’t allow these windows to open. Metal bar also serves the same purpose and can be used to protect it from exterior attacks. You can also install drill locks and deadbolts to prevent unwanted access.

3. Use strong panes

Burglars generally find it easy to break windows as they are manufactured using glass and non- durable materials. Its advised to install windows that have a strong pane and manufactured using vinyl, polycarbonate or tempered glass. Though most of the locksmiths agree that owning a burglar-proof home is somehow impossible, one should not sit ideally for an incident to happen. Its better to take adequate precautions to safeguard a property.

4. Consider an alarm

There are a lot many to ways to secure a home or prevent a burglary. One of them is an alarm system that alerts a homeowner by ringing up loudly, whenever someone accesses your main door, garage or windows. Though it doesn’t offer protection, its highly beneficial in scarring away the culprits.

These are the few general security tips that should be followed to protect windows against unwanted access. If you are looking for a reliable locksmith company in Calgary to secure your property, feel free to contact our lock technicians at Calgary 24/7 Locksmith.

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