Top 2 Benefits Of Having A Master Key System


If you are a business owner having a good count of employees to handle, you might be worried out your premise’s safety and security. More workforce means more space or rooms, and simultaneously more locks and keys. To prevent yourself from being falling victim to thefts or unauthorized access, it is important to install high security locks with a master key system. This lessens the risk of misplaced keys, which in turn, reduces the need for calling a locksmith again and again.

What is Master Keying?

Are you hearing the term master key for the first time? If yes, let us explain you briefly. It is often quite complex for a business owner to carry and keep the keys of the entire building or safes with him that too safely. Moreover, an owner should have access to each and every room whenever he/she wants. To fulfill this purpose, master key plays a great role. It is just a single key that can provide access to the entire premise.

Some advantages offered by master keys include:

  • Maximized Security
    For every business owner, the foremost responsibility is to ensure the security of his employees, belongings and premise. With a master key, only one person has the power to lock or unlock the doors of the building. It leads to authorized or limited access, prevention of security breaches, avoiding the risk of lost keys and improving the overall security of a premise.
  • Easy To Handle
    With a master key, one doesn’t have to worry about carrying too many keys. Moreover, having a single key offer a great convenience and comfort. Moreover, it prevents the hassles of remembering which key is applicable to which lock. In short, a master key makes it easy to access every single room in a premise with just one key.

These were some good benefits offered by master keys. If you have decided to install master keys and locks in your office or hotel, feel free to consult our commercial lock technicians at Calgary 24/7 Locksmith.

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