Top 3 Home Security Tips To Follow Right Now


With the growing incidents of thefts and break-ins, security has become the foremost priority of a homeowner. When it comes to safety, the only thing that strikes an individual’s mind is locks. They are crucial home elements that are installed on the main door, garage, windows, and all other openings that lead to the interiors of your property.

With modern security system installation, one can rest assured as his belongings and family are safe at all. Along with locks, there are several other measures that should be taken to ensure the protection of a family and valuables. To prevent any damages, its advised to hire an expert residential locksmith for high quality lock repairs and replacements.

Some simple home security tips are:

1. Secure the doors and windows

In most of the theft cases, the way through which a thief access a home is through the window opening. As a responsible homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your family. Before going to sleep at night, always make sure that you close and lock all the doors and windows. If any of the window pain or lock is damaged, get it repaired from an expert locksmith right away.

2. Don’t hide the spare key outside

This is one of the common mistakes that most of us make. To prevent being locked out of a home, a person generally ends up hiding the spare keys under the doormats or flower pots. Everyone knows about these potential areas of hiding keys and can easily access them whenever you are away. In order to prevent such situations, it’s advised to install a keyless door lock that doesn’t require keys at all.

3. Avoid attracting the burglars

The reason why burglars attack a property is due to the presence of luxury items. People often decorate their home by purchasing luxury items and keep them outside for displaying. Moreover, they don’t install curtains and blinds to hide the valuables placed inside their home. These fancy and luxury items attract intruders. It’s advised not to place expensive items near the windows and consider installing curtains or blinds.

These are some of the common home security tips that are helpful in ensuring the safety of a property. If you are planning to secure your home or office, consider installing digital locks by hiring our emergency locksmiths at Calgary 24/7 Locksmiths.

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