Your Locksmith Service Calgary Helps To Avoid Break-Ins

Your Locksmith Service Calgary Helps To Avoid Break-Ins
We all want our friends, family and guests to feel welcome to enter our home anytime. However, many of us unknowingly welcome potential burglars as well. Here are the useful tips from your locksmith service Calgary on how to keep your home safe, and unattractive to intruders.

Don’t Leave Spare Keys

Leaving a spare key under the welcome mat may seem like a great idea, but it’s a popular hiding spot, and may as well be a welcome invitation for an intruder to gain entry to your home. Even if you’ve come up with a clever way to hide your spare key, there is still a possibility that someone might see where you are hiding it and an intrusion could happen.

Be Careful Of Curb Appeal

It’s quite common for homeowners in Calgary to place a box from a new washing machine, or TV outside next to their garbage cans. However, they alert potential burglars that they can afford to buy things worth stealing, making their home an attractive site.

Beware Who You’re Letting In

Gardeners, salesmen and repairmen are right examples of strangers that we often allow to enter our homes. To protect your home, family and valuables, thoroughly check the companies you hire the workers from, and do not let anyone you do not know enter your home.

Get Rid Of An Escape Route

Trimmed shrubs and cleaner yards are unattractive to potential burglars because they do not allow them to hide. Their intrusion and escape are both visible in the open to see.

Home Is Occupied

Or at least that’s what you want potential burglars to think! Possibilities of break-ins are very less when someone is home. Leave the lights as well as other devices such as TVs and radios switched on while you are away. Give an impression that someone is home. This trick is said to scare away intruders more than alarms do.

Lock It Down

Windows, doors, and any other entrance points to your home should be locked and secured properly when you are away. Make sure to have the locks on all windows and doors inspected from a locksmith service Calgary.
Locking every entry point is the best way to keep your home and family safe.
If you need assistance with the lock security in your home, feel free to call our Calgary 24/7 Locksmith services. Our locksmith in Calgary would be glad to help you keep your home, family and valuables safe!

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