Different Types Of Door Locks Every Homeowner Should Know About

These days, there are a variety of door locks available in the market. From door knob locks to deadbolts and keyless locks, there are various options that you can choose from to ensure the security of your property. According to locksmith Calgary, before you install any type of lock in your home or business, it is vital to learn about the types of locks available on the market today. Whether you want to upgrade the security system of your office or just curious about the latest technology, here you will get useful information about several door locking options.

Door Handle Locks

This type of lock provides the least security than others. It is a simple lock that is located within the handle of the door. You just need to prevent the handle from rotating, in order to make it work. This type of locks are ideal for bathrooms and entryways within your house, since they are easy to break.


Deadbolts can significantly increase the security of your place as they utilize a solid metal cylinder that protrudes through the door jamb and into the wall. Deadbolts are generally installed to provide additional security. They require a key to lock them from outside. In most of the residential properties these types of locks render high-end security when properly installed.

Keyless Locks

Just as the name implies, keyless locks don’t require any key for entry. The door is locked and unlocked with the help of a code that is entered into a keypad. This adds another level of security. Keyless locks are mostly found in commercial building and other organizations where high level security is required.

Electric Locks

Electric locks work like any other lock, but they couldn’t be applied manually. The mechanism of these locks rely in the electronics. People have options whether to operate them using a key or through a code on a keypad.

Combination Locks

There is not much difference in a combination lock and a keyless entry. Here, the keypad functions through a push button mechanism. The keypad on combination locks don’t rely on a digital or electronic coding device, rather it triggers the movement of the deadbolt.

It is apt to say that there is a lock for every door. Whether you want a simple lock inside your home or a high tech electric looking system to protect your business assets, you can easily found any door lock to meet your needs and preference.

If you aren’t sure what type of lock would be best for your door, contact our locksmith Calgary. At Calgary 24/7 Locksmith, our professionals are well-informed about the various types of locks and their mechanism. Contact today to know more about our services.

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