Five Effective Tips To Avoid Locksmith Scam

Locksmith ScamNowadays, you will find countless locksmith companies and every company claim that they are trustworthy and reliable. But in reality just a few of them are licensed and insured companies and others are just a fraud. Fraud companies always want to take advantage of your emergency situation. When you find yourself in an emergency lockout situation, you have just one thought in your mind that is hire someone to help you. If your family member does not have a spare key or he or she is not available in the city, in such situation you hire a locksmith.

During an emergency lockout situation, it may difficult to know that the company you hire is trustworthy or not. Because there is plenty of locksmith scam business listing on the internet. But spot a fraud locksmith is not a hard recipe, you can do this very easily. Here are some tips to avoid locksmith scam.

1. Ask for ID proof

When a locksmith technician arrived you, first ask him about his identification proof. Check all the important credentials. If he does not show you all the proper documents, ask him just for license. Every leading and reputable company have licensed and insured technicians. You should check his license and insurance policy.

2. Look at the business address

When you are talking with a technician, ask him about the services that he provided. Ask the business address or location of the company he or she work for. You can check the status of the company on the internet. If the company is available with legal website, you hire it.

3. Ask for charges

When you thinking about to hire a locksmith professional, make sure you ask him for service charges and other additional charges. Leading and reputable companies never charge you additional charges. Because they provide you fixed price services.

4. Ask for the method of payment

Fake locksmiths always demand for cash after performing a job, because it cannot be traced. But if you hire a reliable company, it will never ask you for cash. Because these companies always get payment through credit card or debit card.

5. Watch the vehicle when the technician arrives

The truck of a technician must be clearly marked with a company’s name, telephone number and the location of headquarter. Make sure the van is equipped with all necessary tools to perform the job required on the spot. Do not allow the technician who comes in an unmarked van or who do not have all the latest tools.

Choosing the right company from several companies is not an easy task. But if you hire a wrong person, you can be scammed. It is good to hire a local company to avoid a scam situation. If you want to know more about it, feel free call us at Calgary 24/7 Locksmith.

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